Random Desk Gifts – Episode 1

Every time I leave Gangplank and come back, there is always a little surprise on my desk. Sometimes I know who and why the object is on my desk, like a business card for someone that stopped by looking to sign-up for mentoring office hours or a company looking to sell Integrum a new phone system.

Other times, the gift is a mystery. I have absolutely no idea why such an object would appear on my desk or why.

Part of the collaborative spirit of Gangplank is that we share – desk space, wifi, food, knowledge, etc. As a result, treats and new toys are always appearing. One day it will be three boxes of donuts from our new anchor company. The next it will be a brand new printer from another.

Perhaps because of this very quality Gangplank embodies, my desk has become the communal sharing place – where the most random gifts go to find a home.

Take for example today’s gift….

Someone left a gift of homemade bread and tortillas. No idea why, or from whom, but there you go.

What random gifts would you give if no one knew it was you?

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