Stories of Candy and Dinosaurs

ASU Senior’s Doreen Zhao and Dan Dilizia hosted our first ‘Story Writing Workshop’ this past weekend. The event taught kids the basics of writing story and then put them into groups to collaborate on a finished product.

The class began by covering the essential pieces of a story: setting, protagonist (good guy), antagonist (bad guy), conflict and resolution. Students provided the example of Harry Potter to help illustrate the various pieces.

Then…they were off!

It was boys versus girls. Noah and his friend Dylan teamed up to create a Grand Theft Auto, Aliens and Jurassic Park theft thriller that was very elaborate in nature with lots of violence. Three of the girls collaborated on a story centered on the game Candyland, in which a king must compete in a candy eating contest with the evil Dotty that is trying to kidnap the Fairy Princess. One participate chose to work on her own and outlined a action thriller about a man that must complete a quest or the whole world will remain frozen.

Good times were had by all and the creativity was flowing. We hope to continue the collaboration at the next writing event, scheduled for Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 2:00pm.

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