The Garden Pool Story

When Daniel McClung bought his first home, he was faced with the issue of deciding what to do with an empty backyard pool. He could have filled it in with water or dirt, but instead choose a unique solution. After a couple trips to Home Depot and some Internet research, Dennis built a self-sufficient aquaponic greenhouse.

We had the pleasure of hosting him at our weekly brownbag series. Not only does he share his story, but explains just how easy it is to start something similar in your own home.

One thought on “The Garden Pool Story

  1. Temperatures in Phoenix will reach 20 degrees tonight. The water in my 5 foot backyard pool will likely dip below 50 degrees. What is the tilapia’s threshold for survival in terms of temperature extremes? Is it safe to say that a bout of frost cold enough to freeze your tomatoes will likely have an adverse effect on the fish? It seems the minnows would be the first to go…

    Very interesting project. Thanks.

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