A Collaborative Restaurant Experience

Life is full of expectations. A common outsider/visitor expectation of working at Gangplank in Downtown Chandler – “You guys always eat at the same restaurants downtown, doesn’t that get boring?”

An hour ago, Chuck (@chuckreynolds), Scott (@scottcate), and Jonathan (@kressaty) walked down to Murphy’s Law Irish Pub for lunch. We perused the menu for a few minutes, chatted a bit, and came to a very simple conclusion – “Hey lovely miss waitress, can you ask Chad (the chef) if he’ll make up lunch for us? We each want to spend $15.” He more than willing agreed, and brought us the following:

Jerk Grilled Shrimp with Pineapple Salsa over Butter Lettuce
“Swedish Bangers” – Sausage sliced long-ways over Black-and-Tan Onion Rings topped with a White Cheese Sauce
Spicy Beef Filet Slices over a Mashed Potato Pancake, loaded with Bacon, Cheese, and Jalapenos

This is one of the incredible benefits of working in Downtown Chandler. One can walk into what seems to be a simple Irish Pub, say hello to the Chef (who knows you by name), ask about some help with an upcoming event, and then request that he create a Chef’s tasting menu for Friday’s lunch.

Bet you never expected that.

2 thoughts on “A Collaborative Restaurant Experience

  1. As a Chef this was always a treat for me to create spur of the moment dishes for my regular clients and friends that would come in to my restaurant to eat. Working in kitchens with both strict owner set menus and my own menus as well getting to be creative on the spur of the moment was always fun and sometimes a challenge. I wish people would do this more often. Trust me your favorite chef’s will appreciate it!

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