Architecture series redesigns Gangplank

Back in August, Gangplank was approached by an ASU professor in the Master of Architecture program. As part of the master’s program, students are required to complete an Advanced Architectural Studio. Each semester is different, but the goal is to have students redesign existing structures with a specific structural element tying them all together.

As Gangplank is in the middle of an expansion, our space was ideally suited for the project. The building had yet to be started, so the student’s had a blank slate from which to build, while still having an accurate idea of layout and available space.

The students were required to spend time in Gangplank and document activities, as part of their assignment is to provide an animated video in addition to blueprints and a model. For several weeks, Gangplank was buzzing with the sliding of measuring tape, clicks of cameras and conversations discussing daily activities. Students documented all perspectives, including even the view from under the desks.

Derek Neighbors and myself were invited to view the final presentations, and were surprised to hear Gangplank described from an outsider’s perspective. Many of the students more aptly described our culture than even myself, providing unique observations about the space.

All the projects focused on the interaction of natural light within Gangplank, as well as how to optimize space. Additionally, there were no budgetary restrictions to their projects, so many had elements (such as a story high steel skull) that are unfortunately out of Gangplank’s new building’s reach.

Congratulations students on your hard work and thank you for your perspective on the Gangplank space.

The resulting designs can be viewed on the art walls at Gangplank and will be displayed through February 13th, 2011.

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