Chandler BRT LINK to Goes Live Today

Today, new possibilities are open for getting to Gangplank. We have been talking for a while about Valley Metro linking the light rail to Chandler using Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).  In fact, it was one of the key reasons we picked the current Gangplank location.

There are 20 stations along the line that are well shaded for summer riders. The stations in Chandler are adorned with art from local artists as well. Each station has real time bus information for waiting passengers and are equipped to deal with visually impaired riders. Fare vending machines won’t be online until April, but at least the buses are running.

Valley Metro | D62LFA BRT

Come visit Gangplank this week and let us know your experience riding the LINK so we can help Chandler and Valley Metro make adjustments.

This is just the start of connectivity for Chandler.  Get ready Southeast Valley connectivity is coming your way!

One thought on “Chandler BRT LINK to Goes Live Today

  1. I ride this bus to and from the light rail and Gangplank Chandler everyday.
    Here are some facts:
    1. It’s always on time.
    2. It’s a clean modern bus.
    3. The AC is always working.
    4. It even has free wifi onboard!

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