Gangplank Recycles

Gangplank has taken one more step towards earth-friendliness – the addition of a recycling program.

You will find two blue cans located in the main space, one by the bathroom hallway and one by the welcome board. Though they have can shaped holes, they can take any recyclable items. Each project rooms is equipped with a smaller basket as well. A 90-gallon bin sits by the garage door for pick-up (and so far can’t even fit all our soda cans for a week).

The following are acceptable recycling items:

* Newspaper, printing paper, colored paper, paper sacks (No gift wrap, gift bags or tissue)
* Magazines, newsletters (No shredded paper!)
* Cardboard boxes (broken down and flat)
* Chip-cardboard boxes (includes cereal, prepared foods and detergent-type boxes)
* Aluminum beverage cans
* Steel tin cans (vegetable, fruit, soup-type cans)
* Plastic bottles and containers (food, beverage, condiment, shampoo and detergent-type — showing #1 through #6 on the bottom or side of the bottle or container) No plastic bags or styrofoam material!
* Glass food and beverage jars and bottles (clear, green and brown)

When visiting Gangplank, please help in these first few weeks by reminding community members to utilize the recycling bins appropriately and showing newbies where they can find the bins.

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