Gangplank Health and Fitness in 2011 – Lose 36,500 Inches

We come to work, and we sit, while we work.
We go to meetings, and we sit.
We go to eat, and we sit.
We drive home, sitting.
and once home we probably sit some more.


My name is Scott Cate (@ScottCate on Twitter) and I have volunteered to head up the Health and Fitness program (@GPHealth on Twitter) here at Gangplank for 2011. I have some pretty fun(ny) ideas that may or may not happen, but none-the-less I’m excited. Selfishly excited. If you know me, you know I’m not in that great of shape. I don’t eat that healthy, and I’m over weight. So what makes me qualified to head up the Health and Fitness program? Commitment and Leadership.

I am going to commit to the program for 12 months, and see what happens. I figure this is a great way to force motivate myself get healthier and lose some weight. I’ll also be bringing a small team of leaders with me, that will in-turn have their own responsibilities for the program.

We are going to run the year with one major goal!


36,500 inches to be exact.

100 inches per day. What? Am I crazy? My simple goal is to lose 36,500 inches. Obviously I can’t do this on my own – and all the inches aren’t mine! I have some ideas to work with people both inside and outside of Gangplank. The secret to success for this venture is getting more and more people involved.

Why 36,500? Hmmm. GO BIG is my answer. When I first thought about this, I thought of 100 inches as goal. Thinking that my close network of friends inside Gangplank could all lose about 5 inches each. But that’s not big enough to really make a difference. Then (in my head) I raised it to 1000 inches. Not sure why – just X10. That would require that I think a little harder – outside the box – and get more people from the community involved. But again, even if we get to 1000 inches, that is a small dent in the population. So then, I went big. 36,500 inches. To get anywhere near this goal is going to require 1000’s of people to get involved. Maybe I can do something with the City of Chandler, or Radio stations, or Gyms, or {your favorite} Club, to get a movement going.

Just a pep talk – with a few veggie meals – and a walk around the block isn’t going to achieve this. 36,500 inches would require 5000 people to lose around 7.3 inches. Think how great our End of Year parties for 2011 are going to be when we all are 7 inches less thinner? To find over 5000 people, I need a target audience. My target audience is going to be – The City of Chandler, AZ. If you live, work, drive-through, or are generally near Chandler on a daily basis, then watch out, we’re targeting you to lose inches.

Can you even lose 7 inches? Yes, you can, and we’ll show you how. Some people can lose a lot more than 7 inches, and in the near future, we’ll have a way for you to track your mini-goals. (More on mini-goals coming soon as well).

Inches over weight. If you’re exercising and working out, you’re going to gain muscle and lose fat. Measuring weight isn’t always the best measurement of “Getting Healthier”. However – visually – if you drop 2 dress or pant sizes – everyone wins. I get the credit for your inches – and you get to go shopping to buy a new outfit.

So what do you think? Are you with me? Do you want to help?

15 thoughts on “Gangplank Health and Fitness in 2011 – Lose 36,500 Inches

  1. Oi! This sounds fun! I could stand to lose a few :P

    I just realized I live super close to Gangplank… I’m On Arizona ave and Galveston just south of Ray.

    I’ll have to stop by and say hi one of these days!

  2. Way to aim big….or is it aiming to be smaller….whatever, I’m in. I’ll spread the word and see if I can get any fellow City employees to join us.

  3. Scott –

    Great minds think alike! I too am interested in being a part of the health consciousness raising of fellow tech lovers and the general Chandler audience as well. I have an event planned at Gangplank for January 11th, this year. ‘Just in time to get things rolling for New Year’s resolutions. I’ll bring in flyers tomorrow to Gangplank to let everyone know. The interactive workshop is on the topic of the Paleo way of life. Both Paleo nutrition and Paleo exercises will be covered.

    Those of you who have been to presentations from the CrossFit people might have had some exposure to Paleo. It really is a movement that is starting to build quite a critical mass. This workshop will help you become a ‘first adopter’ to a very ancient way of life. You just might find that it is what you’ve been looking for in regards to keeping the weight off.

    The info is as follows:

    An Introduction to the Science behind Paleo Nutrition

    The 2 hour interactive introductory class will answer questions such as:
    Why does the Paleo way of life work?
    How do Paleo foods impact digestion, blood sugar, health (including mental/physical performance)?
    What are optimal macronutrient levels?
    How can we go Paleo without excessively impacting our social lives?
    Who is Paleo good for?

    Where: The Gangplank, Downtown Chandler (on Arizona Avenue)
    When: 1-11-2011
    Time: 6:30 to 8:30
    Cost: $7 – materials included
    Contact Info: Marty Wilson

    Everyone is welcome. Please contact me at with any questions regarding the event. I am truly hoping to be a part of the solution in regards to Chandler’s health.

    I want to go big as well! Not only problems with obesity – but there are so many illnesses caused by excessive inflammation – we really need to do something! (Not to mention skyrocketing medical costs, etc. etc.).

    My web developer and I are putting the finishing touches on a website we’ve designed – it’ll have more info on my efforts in Chandler. In the meantime, please let me know if there is anything else I can do to be of help.

    See you there! Marty

  4. I’m in! I love the idea of focusing on losing inches instead of focusing on weight. Since I spend so much of my time at Gangplank, I’m excited about the idea of incorporating more health and fitness into that time.

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