(Re)Introducing Gangplank Jr. Initiative Leader Mike Benner

Gangplank Jr is growing – expanding programs, taking on volunteers and looking to change education in the Valley. Our goals are big for 2011, even bigger for 2015.

It takes a passionate and courageous individual to step up and volunteer to take on these goals. Fortunate for us, he’s been volunteering and running Gangplank Jr programs for more than a year.

To ensure our vision continues on the right track, Mike Benner has volunteered to head our Gangplank Jr initiatives. Mike has been with the program since the beginning, running events from Scratch Programming, to Castles & Catapults. He designed the younger kids track for our Lego League and is a key influence in starting DangerScouts.

2011 is going to be a banner year for the kids and we’re glad to have Mike on board.

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