WordCamp Phoenix GPL Debate Brownbag #wcphx

Gangplank is thrilled to host the launching event for WordCamp Phoenix on Wednesday, January 26th at noon. During our regularly scheduled brownbag, we will be mixing up the format to highlight a Lincoln/Douglas style debate over GPL.

Should the GPL be enforceable against software developers who write programs compatible with GPL programs? You be the judge. Two Phoenix School of Law students, Gabriel Hassen and Darren Pang, will present closing arguments in a (fictitious) case for copyright infringement and breach of contract. After the arguments, the presenters will respond to questions from the audience.

Mr. Hassen is a third-year law student and former 3D graphic designer whose article, Digital Feudalism: An Analysis of Ownership and Control in the Information Age, will be published in the forthcoming issue of Phoenix Law Review. Mr. Pang is a second-year law student who has a strong background in the sciences and plans to practice in intellectual property law upon graduation. Both students were part of Professor Brigham Fordham’s Intellectual Property class at the Phoenix School of Law last year. Elizabeth Wilson, Brady Godbout, and Aaron Hart assisted in researching and developing arguments for the presentation.

Lunch will be provided by local restaurant Floridino’s.

For complete details for the debate, as well as the rest of the conference schedule, check out the WordCamp Phoenix site.

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