A tale of two passions

My name is Mike and I am an addict. Well, maybe not an addict but I do have an obsession with tattoos and providing children with great experiences that will reward them far into their future. Up until recently, these two things never crossed paths, but that is all changing.

Last Friday, I decided to auction off a location on my forearm. The winner of this auction gets their choice of tattoo within a 60’s era billboard.

Here is where the two obsessions collide. All proceeds go to Gangplank Jr, a Gangplank initiative that provides children with experiences and knowledge they cannot receive in school.

What is the money used for?

While it varies greatly, here are some events we have done in the past and are planning for the future:

First Lego League
We sent two teams to compete last year and are planning on at least three teams this year. This requires expensive Lego Mindstorms Kits, team uniforms and entry fees.

We took several common science experiments and put a Gangplank twist on them. This requires a number of materials and tools as every activity is hands on.

Scratch Programming
Several courses on computer programming are held at Gangplank and outside events. While at Gangplank, Integrum supplies us with machines, but offsite there is no guarantee of computers. I would like to get a stable of machines to take off site for our events.

Intro to Circuits and Electronics
We did a course on basic electronics and circuitry at CodeCamp Jr last year. This required getting hardware and kits for more hands on experiments. This year, I want to do even more and will be adding Arduino to our courses. This means we need at least one kit for every two participants.

Art Courses
This year we are branching out further and adding more and more non-technical events that also require materials.

Gangplank Jr is completely run by volunteers, so all of the money goes to resources for these events. Please help spread the word about the auction and get those bids in. The auction ends Sunday.

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