Chandler Urban Art Project

There are two ways to deal with graffiti – paint over it and hope it doesn’t happen again or show the neighborhood kids how it’s done and make the community that much better looking.

Graffiti is an art form when done right, but when local kids tagged the back wall of the second Gangplank building with some “affiliations”, it was decided that we react by turning a negative into a positive by creating a unique urban art piece that celebrated the graffiti medium.

Chandler Urban Graffiti Art

The guys from Tabu Tattoo graciously donated their time and skill to produce an amazing piece of work combining their passion with the Gangplank name. The result is a 27-foot wide by 7-feet tall graffiti of a tattoo pump, inking the word Gangplank across the back 260 South Arizona Ave, Chandler Az. Check out the time lapse video of its creation.

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4 thoughts on “Chandler Urban Art Project

  1. I wish we could get the city to understand the important of urban art and do more displays like this one elsewhere around the downtown cooridor. That would be awesome. I’ve seen and photographed areas in downtown PHX who do this.

  2. Turning something initially negative into something positive is always a good thing, but this is great! Great for the community and great for those responsible for making this happen in the first place.

    I first saw this video on Monday. When I stopped by Gangplank on Tuesday night, I saw it with my own eyes. I encourage others to check it out.

    Great work guys!

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