Domino Project and a Writers Conf/Camp/Event

The number one communicative and business skill anyone can learn is how to write. From email to Twitter and blogs to press releases, we are all writers.

And we’re in the business of telling stories. Inspired by the Domino Project, and because I’ve always wanted to learn from other writers, Jeff Moriarty and I decided it’s time for our very own event/camp/con focusing on all kinds of storytellers.

And we’d like your help. If you’re a writer, podcaster, storyteller, video blogger or anything in between, come to Gangplank on March 1 from 7:30-9pm and help us figure out what you need, what we all have to offer and what we can do to make all of us a little better.

Tell your friends, bring your colleagues and get yourself down here. We’ll be giving away one copy of Seth Godin’s Poke the Box
, AND a copy of the Now Revolution by Jay Baer and Amber Naslund.

We’ll do our best to live stream/blog the meeting, but can’t guarantee that it will actually work.

5 thoughts on “Domino Project and a Writers Conf/Camp/Event

  1. Ahh, wish I could but I already committed to the Content Strategy meetup tonight. Super interested though, so keep us posted on the outcome!

  2. I’ve wanted to come over to Gangplank for quite a while now and this sounds like just the thing to drag me from nearly Cave Creek to your side of the world. The wife says she’ll be coming too.

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