Launching Gangplank Volunteer Program

To you, Gangplank is more than the free wifi, collaborative atmosphere and random Michael Jackson song. It’s a set of values, a mission, and you want to help move us forward.

Gangplank is launching our volunteer program for 2011, empowering our community to step up and help us fulfill our goals for 2011. We have several crews you can choose from. Volunteer when you can for how ever long you can – we’re happy to have you.

Recognition Crew
Volunteers on this team are responsible for tracking member and anchor donations, as well as recognizing contributions to the community. We are looking for volunteers with unique ideas on how to say ‘Thank You’. Additionally, this team would also be responsible for birthdays, welcoming new members, and anything else they can come up with. [SIGN ME UP!]

Minimum Time Commitment: [1 hour a month]
Prerequisite knowledge: None

Promotional Crew
If you are loud, personable and love to know everything first, this is the volunteer team for you. Our promotional team pushes all our events and updates out to the community through both new and traditional mediums. Duties for this team include tweeting/retweeting, engaging Facebook fans, writing press releases, contacting media, blogging and occasionally pounding the pavement. [SIGN ME UP!]

Minimum Time Commitment: [2 hours a month]
Prerequisite knowledge: Must have Twitter and Facebook profiles. Active blogger and PR background a plus.

Community Outreach
Volunteers on this team are our ambassadors to the community. Responsibilities include keeping track of job and lead requests to post, interviewing community members for Gangplank profiles, inviting guest bloggers to write for Gangplank site and assisting in planning of Gangplank events. [SIGN ME UP!]

Minimum Time Commitment: [3 hours a month]
Prerequisite knowledge: None

It can be difficult to document activities with so much going at Gangplank. We need videographers, podcasters, and photographers to build our archival warehouse, as well as be sure the information is posted for public viewing. [SIGN ME UP!]

Minimum Time Commitment: [1 hour a month]
Prerequisite knowledge: Possess necessary equipment as well as understand basic operation. Have Facebook, Flickr and/or YouTube accounts.

Additional volunteer opportunities: CupcakeCamp Chandler and Gangplank Junior

2 thoughts on “Launching Gangplank Volunteer Program

  1. I met recently with Jennifer Lindley of the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership and she suggested I meet with Derek Neighbors to discuss volunteer work. I am also involved with For Our City and Chandler’s Centennial celebration honoring volunteers and promoting volunteerism. I’m fascinated by the gangplank concept and would like to hook up with Derek some evening if he is available to see how I might fit in, and also to see what plans Gankplank may have for participating in the City’s Centennial celebration and how I might be of assistance there. Thanks!

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