TED simulcast available for free in Phoenix

TED is awesome. It’s a collection of great minds presenting projects they’re proud of and sharing their passion with an engaged audience. It is very expensive to attend, it’s tough to get an invite and it’s always held in California.

Until now, the only access we mortals had was to videos published weeks or months after the event. Fantastic, yes, but not quite the same as seeing it live. Bob Diehl, organizer of TEDxScottsdale, has been licensed to produce a simulcast in downtown Phoenix of this year’s TED. No more waiting, as the TED Talks will be available to those that attend as quickly as they do on site in California.

And here’s the letter he’s asked me to share with you:

For the first time in its history, the TED conference is available for one day to be experienced as it happens FREE OF CHARGE. The day is broken down into 90 minute speakers’ segments from 9:30AM until 7:45PM, so you can attend any segment that has special interest for you. Please consider attending at least one of them. Please also consider inviting anyone/everyone you know to take advantage of this historic opportunity.

The venue is in downtown Phoenix at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. Roosevelt Road and Central Avenue [RoRo]. The simulcast is available under the TEDxScottsdale license [x=independently organized TED event], and is called TEDxScottsdaleLive.

Details, including the speakers schedule, and registration can be accessed via this link: guestlistapp.com/events/44742

More information on TED, the TED 2011 conference and TEDx can be accessed via this link: TED.com

I hope to see you there!
Bob Diehl, TEDxScottsdale Organizer

It’s going to be tough not to attend all the sessions, but I think I’ll manage. Getting there is easy, just take the Rapid Transit from Gangplank to the end of the light rail, then hope on the light rail to Roosevelt and Central.

I can’t say enough good things about TED. I recommend you check it out.

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