Carrying the Torch

Our friends at The Torch Theatre in Phoenix are building a new home. It hasn’t been easy and it’s been a long-time coming, but gradually the space at 4721 is starting to take shape.

This group of highly talented improv comedians have brainstormed some pretty creative ways to involve their community – from donating chairs and accompanying name plates, to purchasing love letters that will be put under the stage so the actors are quite literally performing on our stories.

And now, they’re in the home stretch. Over the next three weeks, The Torch Theatre is recruiting volunteers to help build the space. You don’t have to be an expert carpenter or electrician, they’re looking for help at any skill level – sorting screws, painting to hanging drywall. And surrounded by improv comedians, it’s guaranteed to not be a dull afternoon.

If you’re interested in volunteering, give us a shout out in the comments or email The Torch Theatre directly. Days and times are flexible.

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