Gangplank Domain Exchange Recap

On Wednesday, February 23rd, a few members of the Gangplank Community gathered together for the Inaugural Domain Exchange. The Domain Exchange was a loosely organized event setup as an opportunity for individuals to “exchange” ideas about domain names or clean out their URL library.

The importance of a quality domain is often overlooked by many online professionals. Owning a domain name is a chance to own a truly unique identity or online property, in addition to being wise investment strategies. Domain names are a powerful part of search optimizing a website, not to mention domains act as great vehicles of advertising and promotion.

The goal of the event, organized by Gangplank and local design firm Drawbackwards, was an attempt to connect people interested in buying or selling domains or developing out an idea with a domain. The gathering was also an attempt to express the importance of a quality domain name to ad agency professionals, brand managers and all creative people.

Bret Feddern, a developer and aspiring domainer, listed a few domains from his portfolio during the silent auction. He listed, and from his portfolio. “I’m a bit anti-social myself, but Secrets of Social Media would be a great title for an eBook where someone more social than myself could write about the ever-evolving world of Social Media,” Bret explained.

Eric Anderson also attended the event, and had several quality domains featured in the auction. In his portfolio are the domains,,

Nathan Sauser was also in attendance, and listed the domain for anyone interested in a self help site or online tutorials site. A few of the other domains listed in the silent auction were:, and

While the silent domain auction could not generate a noteworthy sale to attract local news headlines, it was successful in connecting like-minded people and generating ideas.

Never underestimate the importance of an effective domain name. If you are interested in any of the domains mentioned in this post, or listed below, please contact

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