Gangplank Tucson and Beyond

Gangplank has always sought to spread the message of collaboration over competition, community-building and taking risks. Fortunately, there are many that embrace the Gangplank manifesto and seek to promote these qualities to their own communities. Over the years, we’ve been approached by many people interested in starting Gangplank’s in other cities, states and even countries. Based on that interest and the quality of leaders we see supporting the movement, we now feel that Gangplank is in position to expand.Gangplank is maturing.

We are moving out of the revolution stage and into a movement. Leaders from outside communities have come to understand that collaboration and community-building are important qualities of the future economy and desire our guidance in moving forward.

Gangplank loves Arizona.

One of the core goals leading to Gangplank’s creation was to retain talent within Arizona to allow our economy to succeed. It is imperative that the Sun Corridor grows in order Arizona to flourish and we believe that Chandler is at the center of that effort. The City of Chandler and Gangplank need to lead the charge.

We feel it is time to start planting the seeds of change in other communities in the Corridor, including Tucson. Gangplank has long been interested in Tucson due to its tremendous creative culture, with a strong art and music scene. Both Chander and Tucson understand that in order to attract the creative class, there must be more than employment opportunities, but a wealth of entertainment and living options.

Serendipity in Action.
Gangplank’s decision to expand is a natural evolution of our values in action. Arizona-based used electronics and bookstore, Bookmans, and Gangplank Anchor Integrum, have built a great relationship over the last several years. When Bookmans moved into a new facility in the fall of 2010, they were looking to do something to spark Tucson’s startup community and felt Gangplank was a great fit.

Gangplank beyond.

South by Southwest showed us that communities outside Arizona are hungry for more. Gangplank has been approached by individuals from Virginia, Montana, Australia, Oklahoma and Ireland interested in starting collaborative workspaces in their cities. We are building relationships with existing  coworking facilities looking to make the move to a social capital model. We are planning to have a leadership training and operations manual for those interested in starting a space completed by summer of this year.

Gangplank Needs help

There are plenty of ways you can get involved in helping Gangplank expand. We are currently looking for potential anchors companies for Tucson and the west side of Phoenix. If you are interested in space at Gangplank Tucson, please fill out the form below. For questions, email

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