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  1. Just want to say that this presentation was of huge help to me. I’ve owned David Allen’s GTD book for a couple years now and had made a couple half hearted attempts to get through it but it was just too dry. While it was something I found interesting, I hadn’t committed to anything so I didn’t do the work to slog through.

    Derek’s presentation was pivotal in getting me to adopt it. Great amount of need to know information conveyed simply. Enabled me to start employing concepts immediately and I started benefiting right away.

    Huge thanks to Derek for this!

  2. Thanks for the kick in the pants, Derek – I’ve used GTD for years but appreciate the reminders you offered. I also hadn’t implemented the “areas of responsibility” which I think could really help me out. My desk is now CLEAN and I’m feeling excited about a renewed commitment to that wonderful “I don’t have to worry” feeling I love about GTD!

  3. Derek, great stuff here, thanks. I book marked it a few days ago when it hit my rss reader and just had a chance to watch it. I dont use GTD, but the principles are the same with just about any good organization program.

    One small tip that could save you time. Use Tungle.me and you would not have had to check when you had available for a meeting in the next week they could have just marked 2-3 times you had open and when you got the email you could have just hit accept on one time and been done with it, automatically in your ical. Great time saver for me with scheduling.

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