Late Night-Ready for the Real World

College students are familiar with late night cramming sessions – the desperation of trying to crank out a huge paper or to cram 10 chapters of facts into their heads. Many are looking forward to the end of school in May—but what about finding a job after the semester?

It is time for one more late night. Gangplank is hosting “Late Night: Ready for the Real World” to help prepare college students for the challenging job market.The event will have interactive “skill stations”, where local professionals will critique résumés, grill students in mock interviews, and share tips on how to do better job searches. Coaches will be honest, tough, and practical, just like the employers students will be trying to impress. Students can also get a digital headshot and learn about online professional profiles. To help get through the night, liberal amounts of caffeine, junk food, and awesome music will be provided.

So put on your business suit, bring your résumé, and come cram with us!

The event is free. Sign up at:

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