Mentor Office Hours Testimonial

Gangplank’s guest-blogging series illustrates the array of personalities and experiences embodied by our community. All invited participants – past brownbag speakers, anchors, new members, City of Chandler employees and others – share their Gangplank stories. Interested guest posters should send a draft to our Director of Operations.

By Brandi Walsh, co-founder of Local Lily

“Do you want me to tell you it’s awesome or do you want my feedback?,” asked my professor and mentor in college.

I didn’t need someone to tell me it was worth at least a passing grade. I needed someone to help refine my work and make it better. In the last 10+ years I have come to realize that mentors are valuable at all stages of project development and most critical during the initial planning and execution.

My Co-Editor Beth Hickey and I have made the pledge to ‘live local’. Our blog makes the shift to spend local easy and enjoyable by sharing our favorite independent businesses and experiences in Arizona. Like any business, funding and growth are essential to our efforts.

At the time my Co-Editor Beth Hickey and I decided to create Local Lily, we were fortunate to have crossed paths with Francine Hardaway at a few Gangplank Brownbag Lunches.

Through the Gangplank mentoring program we have created a relationship with Francine that provides us with seasoned, unbiased feedback on our focus and strategies. In some instances, this means we have changed course early on and shortened the learning curve and saved us mistakes.

Recently, we met with Chuck Reynolds and are looking forward to adding his expertise to our efforts. While Francine provides us marketing and strategy related council, Chuck can offer ways to improve other aspects of the Local Lily user experience. We have also sat down met Chris Conrey to discuss the opportunities and constraints of developing an App.

We are excited and grateful to have these Mentors and all of the Gangplank resources available to us. It is a generous donation of everyone’s time and talent to assist entrepreneurs such as our selves to achieve great things.

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