There’s coworking…and then there’s Gangplank

Recently, Gangplank staff attended the first Coworking Unconference before SXSW. The conference brought together coworking spaces from across the United States, as well as coworkers from all over the world, to discuss issues and share ideas.It didn’t surprise us that Gangplank was a new idea to many conference participants. The majority of coworking spaces follow a traditional model of charging a nominal fee for drop-ins and small business office space, so a ‘free‘ model doesn’t necessarily compute. What surprised our staff is that many did not see value in a nonprofit model, and instead felt threatened by the idea of a community built on social capital.

As the coworking concept continues to expand nationwide, we felt it was important to sit down as a community and share what we learned from the coworking conference, as well as take a look at Gangplank’s values. How are we different? What are the characteristics of our community that help us succeed? What are our struggles? How do we define coworking?

Please join us this Wednesday at noon for a discussion on this topic. Anyone interested in coworking or learning more about Gangplank is welcome.

2 thoughts on “There’s coworking…and then there’s Gangplank

  1. Poodles… I am reading this on the 31st.
    Is there a audio or video recording of this discussion?
    Would love to hear the info.

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