Avondale as a Potential Partner

A few weeks ago we talked about “Gangplank Tucson and Beyond“. It’s no secret that we have been looking for a home on the West side of metro Phoenix to complete a segment that gives Gangplank coverage over the currently populated spectrum of the Sun Corridor.


When we were looking to move out of Gangplank 2.0 we set forth five characteristics that we felt were critical to our success. In looking for a West valley partner, we set out to find a municipality that also shared our values. We have learned that when motivated creators partner with a city that is ready to move into the future, a whole new level of civic engagement begins. We have been talking over the last few months with the City of Avondale and believe that they are the right partner. They understand the importance of a Phoenix-Tucson mega region and get collaboration on every level. We have been excited to see their council and economic development team actively working with the City of Chandler to pull the entire Valley forward. We were impressed with their involvement at CityCampAZ and that they want to bring something new to their school system. They have shown that they are serious about succeeding in the future.

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Some things that have us excited about Avondale investing in their downtown:

  • An updated General plan
  • Emphasizing priority to old town redevelopment
  • Focus on diversity and expansion of small business
  • Regional collaboration
  • Specifically calling out a measure to create a sense of place
  • Investment in civic public spaces
  • Strong push for rail travel along MC-85 and Main
  • Plan specifically targeting old town
  • Central Ave Bicycle Facility Project (An extreme commitment to pedestrian traffic)
  • Facade Improvement Program
  • Reduced fees for infill development <- pay attention other cities!
  • Nearly $50 Million already invested in last decade
  • Circular bus routes for neighborhood transportation

This is clearly a city that is interested in making radical change and attracting good talent. They are ready to be a regional player and a leader in moving Arizona forward. We hope that we can find a way in the near future to make them a part of the Gangplank family.

Potential Gangplank Avondale


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    • Cody, do you know Jeremy Vaught? Looks like he’s going to be heavily involved and lives out there also. We’re gonna need all the help we can get!

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