Happy Birthday!

Sometimes one of the good things we lose by going independent is the social part of the big office environment. Everyone needs acknowledgement occasionally, so why not on your birthday? Or at the very least, near it.

Gangplank is adding a once-a-month birthday celebration during Hacknight so everyone can get that special mention. We don’t know everyone well enough to know all of your birthdays so don’t be shy, fill out this form and let people have the chance to give you a special minute or two…and maybe a cookie or cupcake with your name on it. Join the fun! You don’t want to feel left out when everyone else is getting their pat on the back or hug from @GangplankMom.

Birthday Form

Want to celebrate your birthday at Gangplank! Fill out the form to be included in our monthly celebrations.


Thank you to Gangplank volunteer Debbie Walker for setting this up!

Photo by Jessica Diamond

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