Making Your Art Permanent

Come join us for the most “dangerous” art session around.

Noah practicing on MikeApril 17th from 2-4pm at Gangplank we will be hosting a learn to tattoo event for kids 8 and older.  Artists Nate “Nasty Nate” Houtz, Adam “A-Bomb” Molina and Johnny “Jevvy Jev”  from Tabü Tattoos will be on hand to go over the equipment, keeping things sterile, stenciling and much more.

This is a hands on event.  The kids will be tattooing grapefruit, oranges and any other citrus we can get our hands on with REAL tattoo machines, ink and needles.  For those that want to take it to the next level several Gangplank Jr supporters have even offered up their skin for actual tattoos from the new apprentices.

You must RSVP for this event as space and machines will be limited.  Please leave a comment below if you plan on attending.

20 thoughts on “Making Your Art Permanent

  1. How about 1, possibly 3 more? I had it in my mind that this was Saturday. Would like to bring Colton and possibly 2 of his friends if it isn’t too late. Thanks.

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  7. We are soooooo there! I will be bringing my 2 oldest kids and will even volunteer my skin! This is AWESOME!!!

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