Something crazy is going on at Gangplank

Gangplank’s guest-blogging series illustrates the array of personalities and experiences embodied by our community. All invited participants – past brownbag speakers, anchors, new members, City of Chandler employees and others – share their Gangplank stories. Interested guest posters should send a draft to our Director of Operations.

By Shon Burton, CEO of Wildcog and founder of geekSessions

Something pretty amazing is happening here. This isn’t coworking. This is the evolution of places like Boston’s L0pht and SF’s NewHackCity. This is a place where people come together to work, play, build, teach, learn, and…change the world. What? Yeah…that’s the long-term goal. Change how people work and you change how people live. You make a community. Wow…this is hitting me hard in the face. There’s energy here. It’s undeniable. It’s colorful, creative, and powerful.

I’m CEO of Wildcog, a San Francisco based talent agency for Mathelets and Professional Engineers. The company was built on the idea that we should be able to work from anywhere. To test that idea I took off to Buenos Aries to work, connect, and check out the emerging tech scene there. BA was awesome but 2 months later I wanted to be stateside again. BA ruined me for SF prices. I needed to find my next stop.

Fast-forward to Jan 2010, I’m living in the Phoenix Metro. It took me over a year to find Gangplank but when I did I immediately felt like I was home. I’ve lived in many states and a few other countries. I’d been searching and longing to find a group of passionate people, people that inspire, create, hack, and love what they do.

Something this fresh coming out of Chandler (where’s that) AZ? Really? Yeah. Why is it here? Why not in the Mission District of San Francisco next to that cool Bacon-Maple-Latte serving Pirate Café? I have to admit; I didn’t think I’d find this here. I guess that means I also have to admit that over the last decade I’ve become a Bay Area snob, underestimating the rest of the great US Of A.

Why is this here? Because it has to be. Phoenix needs Gangplank. The Phoenix Metro Area is massive. You don’t just run in to people on the street like you do in dense walking cities. Still, people are searching. People commune around interests. There are smart, creative, energetic people everywhere and they want to connect. Now they have a hub to enable that energy to thrive and spread. Now they have Gangplank.

Gankplank is also free. That’s something you might not find in SF. I’m still wrapping my head around it. It smells like Human Open Source here, like Creative Commons for the soul. There is no business model here but there is a goal and a purpose. It’s crazy and yet it works. Can you tell I’m exited to be a part of it? ;)

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