Improve Your Public Speaking

Improving at anything requires practice.  Mastering a skill requires a LOT of practice. Unfortunately, it is difficult to practice public speaking, presenting, teaching or facilitation by yourself.  In general, it requires some form of audience to simulate the real thing.

Groups like Toastmaster’s have existed for some time, but they seem to be rooted in the ways of the past, not those of the future.  As an expirement we are going to try Gangplank Speakers.

Gangplank speakers will be a group of people that are interested in improving their skills in public speaking, presenting, teaching and facilitation.  To start, we are holding a monthly meeting to challenge ourselves to grow as well as start to build a community of people willing to share and encourage one another to be more dangerous in this area.

Please subscribe to the group at  Once we have at least 25 people interested, we will schedule a meeting an kick things off.  Additionally, there is a Goodreads group for Gangplank Speakers where we will be sharing resources to help improve.  Finally, we are running Gangplank Academy classes as well to accelerate our learning.  The first is COM 305 – The Brilliance Project (Public Speaking) by Leon Quan June 13th.

2 thoughts on “Improve Your Public Speaking

  1. Like all things Gangplank it will probably be largely leaderless. I am heading up trying to round people up and get things started. The meetings will be when people can attend them. The content will vary based on the group.

    The idea will be to work on how to become better presenters, speakers, teachers and facilitators. That covers a ton.

  2. I am interested in this group, tell me more, like who’s leading it, when would the meetings be, what the content of each meet up would be, etc.

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