A Workspace Social Experiment

The cornerstone of Gangplank is collaboration. We’re always looking for ways to bring people together to work on cool stuff – Hacknights, brownbags, Chandler Startup Drinks, etc.

But while we’ve been focusing on programming, we forgot about the space itself.

Gangplank is an agile space. As evidenced by the breaking down Gangplank video, our space can break itself down and move if necessary. However, that happens on rare occasions and when the event is done, everyone goes back to their usual spots. Anchors to the wall and hot desks (aka coworking) in the center.

Last night, we decided to shake things up.

Anchors shuffled around or moved pods entirely to create open spots within the Anchor space. As a result, we opened more coworking spots and more opportunities to collaborate with Anchors. The extra bonus? The new hot desks are now equipped with monitors for those looking to hook up for additional screen real estate.

Stop by and see the new look. Open spots along the Anchor pods are indicated by pinwheels.

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