Gangplank Google Groups

Due to the expansion of the Gangplank network, we’ve created several Google Groups to streamline announcements and encourage discussion within each Gangplank location, as well as on a global level.

Gangplank HQ Announcements
This group is announcement only, and will include any updates regarding Gangplank HQ (aka Chandler), such as changes to hours, events, needs or emergencies. This group is open to the public.

Gangplank HQ Forum
We want to encourage discussion around Gangplank HQ culture and programming, as well as have a forum for new ideas to be shared. This group is open to the public and comments.

Gangplank Global Announcements
Want to hear what’s going on with Gangplank locations around the globe? Sign up for this announcement only group to be included on developments with Gangplank Affiliates.

We also have public Google Groups established for Gangplank Tucson Discussion and Announcements AND Gangplank Avondale Discussion and Announcements.

One thought on “Gangplank Google Groups

  1. TWIMC:

    Just wanted to find out some information on the Avondale expansion for Gangplank. I’d really like to help out and contribute in any way I can. I tried looking at the Google Groups, but there wasn’t really any information up to be seen. Just downloaded some pages/files that turned out to be either corrupted or incomplete.

    If you’re looking for help as well, I’m minutes away in Litchfield Park and would be glad to be a part of the team.

    In any case, I’m excited to see you doing something in the west valley and can’t wait to see it up and running!


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