Gangplank Jr Journalism Program

Children have a natural curiosity that makes them excellent journalists. As any parent can tell you, they are always questioning and see everything.

The Gangplank Jr Journalism Program seeks to build upon this natural curiosity, teaching kids to use their powers of observation to inform others. Participants will learn the importance of the first amendment, how to write different types of stories such as news and feature, podcasting, video as well as create a working news site as the final product.

The Gangplank Jr Journalism Program takes place over 9-weeks, beginning July 9th. Meetings will take place each Saturday at 2:00pm. Kids must attend at least five of the meetings in order to participate in the ‘First Issue’ workshop on September 9th.

Please join us for our first meeting on Saturday, July 9th at 2:00pm at Gangplank.

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  10. Is there a registration process for the GPjr Journalism program? My 12-yr old wants to come, but we are in CA for the first meeting. If so, would you send the link?


    • No registration, just show up when you can. If we don’t have more than 5 kids by the third meeting, we’ll let you know whether it will continue.

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