Revamped Anchor Selection Process

Before Gangplank even had a name, there were Anchor companies. These startup and small businesses were invited into a space with the hope to form a community. Three years later, we receive 5-10 applications a month from companies looking to participate at Gangplank in an Anchor capacity. As we grow, the process to become an Anchor has changed to reflect the increased expectations and responsibilities taken on by our permanent companies. The revamped selection process gives applicants a more complete overview of the organization, as well as a better idea of what to expect if they are selected.

Have a look at our new process.

Anchor Pledging

  1. Anchor Pledges must fill out the Use of Space Request to begin process.
  2. Anchor Pledges must attend at least:
    • (2) Brownbag presentations
    • (1) Anchor meeting
    • (2) Hacknights
    • (1) Gangplank Academy class
  3. Anchor Pledges must work out of the space, at minimum, 3 days a week for four or more hours
  4. Anchor Pledges must volunteer 10 hours. Some examples include:
    • Run a brownbag presentation
    • Assist with setup/breakdown of an event
    • Reset the library
    • Teach an Academy class or workshop
    • Clean/Organize the space
    • Plan and run an event
    • Write a blog post or shoot a video for the Gangplank site
  5. Anchor Pledges must be vouched for by 3 current Anchors as part of the interview process. Some ideas on how to get to know the Anchors:
    • Join current Anchors out to lunch
    • Ask current Anchors for help on a project or help them with theirs
    • Organize a social event for current Anchors to attend
    • Play plenty of video games
  6. Anchor Pledges must complete an interview with all current Anchors at weekly Anchor meeting.

Let us know your feedback on the new process!

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