Software Engineering Reading Group

Are you interested in evolving from a “layman copy/paste coder” to a professional software engineer? Are you interested in getting together with others who take software engineering seriously and discussing the merits of clean code and architectural unity over food and a fine frothy beverage? If so, join the software engineering reading group, meeting Wednesday nights at 7 pm.

What will we read? That’s up to you. Vote from the following choices:

· Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

· Brown et Al’s Anti-Patterns

· Bob Martin’s Clean Code

· Beck’s Refactoring

· Coders at Work

Sound like fun? E-mail your interest and preference to

3 thoughts on “Software Engineering Reading Group

  1. Looking forward to the first get together. Ditto Alan.D
    Sounds like a peer group I could get involved with.
    Seems like GangplankHQ is gathering a welcome diversity of academia, thanks for the opportunity to participate; goes well with the mentoring available here.

  2. To clarify per questions I’ve received, I realize that this contains a poor choice of wording. The intent is for professionals and scholars to meet and discuss advanced software engineering best practice literature. It is not meant for the inexperienced.

    The intent is to meet regularly enough to make progress through the literature and socially advance our understanding. Right now we are still in the planning stages, and weekly Wednesday meetings have been proposed. As people respond with their interest, this time can be adjusted.

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