Gangplankers Board

People self-identify as Gangplankers. The title isn’t bestowed upon them by management or earned by a monthly pay-in. You know when you know.

In that same vein, we have been reluctant to create an online ‘membership board’. As a show-up-acrocy, so much of being a Gangplanker means experiencing the space and interacting with others while here.

However, Gangplank can change from hour-to-hour. Not being here all the time can mean you miss connecting with that one person who can answer your question or provide you valuable advice on a project.

Our new Gangplankers board solves both problems. Posting your picture to the board is optional and therefore entirely up to you when you feel ready to be identified as a Gangplanker. Plus, the listing of specialties next to the photo allows others to find individuals knowledgable about a certain type of area or problem.

There is no template to post to the board. Simply print a picture, include a Twitter handle or email and post 2-3 bullet points about your interests or specialties.

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