Chandler Project Receives International Downtown Association Award

One of the reasons Gangplank moved to downtown Chandler was the city’s commitment to improving walkability with an emphasis on building up[1]. The approval of the widening of Arizona Avenue for pedestrians was critical in our decision to move[2]. The International Downtown Association (IDA) is giving Chandler an award for public space improvement enhancing urban design, physical function and economic viability. It is great to see the IDA agrees Chandler is making a move in the right direction.

“Each year the IDA Awards Jury recognizes organizations that utilize best practices in our industry,” said David Downey, IDA President and CEO. “The South Arizona Avenue Improvements are a shining example of excellent downtown management that delivers real results[3].”

The Arizona Chapter of the American Public Works Association selected this project as “Project of the Year” and it is a finalist in the Valley Forward Association’s Environmental Excellence Awards. The project received the Build Arizona Award from the Arizona Chapter of the Associated General Contractors for municipal/utilities construction projects costing under $10 million (awarded in February) and the General Design Award from the Arizona Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (awarded in March).

[1] Gangplank Looking To Move Downtown
[2] Update on Gangplank Move
[3] Constructing Chandler’s Downtown Creative Class

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