Why Gangplank

The beauty of Gangplank lies in the hundreds of stories and experiences unique to every individual that walks through our doors. These stories are what drives our growth – more than 65% of our traffic comes from referrals by you.

So while we excel at spreading at the stories, we suck at collecting them.

Help us preserve our culture for future Gangplankers and let the world understand what goes on behind our doors.

Join us in the Why Gangplank campaign (#whyGP).

How do I participate?

Hacknight: Come by during our Hacknight (every Wednesday starting at 7pm) and give us your one word response to ‘Gangplank is’ or ‘Why Gangplank’ in our video confessional.

Flickr: Take a picture of yourself holding a sign with your one word response to ‘Gangplank is’ or ‘Why Gangplank?’. Tag the photo with #whyGP.

Blog: Not photogenic? Tell your Gangplank story on your blog and tweet the link with #whyGP OR send the draft to us and we’ll post to GangplankHQ.com.

YouTube: Upload your 10-15 second video response to ‘Gangplank is’ or ‘Why Gangplank’. You can also shoot a 1-minute video sharing your Gangplank story. Tag with Gangplank.

Tweet: Most eloquent at 140-characters? Tweet your ‘Why Gangplank?’ and ‘Gangplank is’ responses with #whyGP. Share those serendipitous moments in real-time.

Our goal is to collect more than 200 clips, pics and stories by November 7th. That’s 10 responses a day. Can’t wait to see what creative responses you come up with.

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