Advocate for Passenger Rail

Arizona PIRG has been telling ADOT what they need to consider while studying passenger rail, such as putting the rail line along the route with the highest ridership potential and building stations in places where passengers have good access to public transit. Now it’s your turn to give ADOT your opinion.

Will you please send your thoughts about passenger rail connecting Phoenix and Tucson to the Arizona Department of Transportation?

By 2050, the drive between Phoenix and Tucson is expected to take more than five hours, even if we expand the I-10 to five lanes the entire way. As Arizona continues to grow, our infrastructure needs will continue to expand as well.

Tell ADOT today how important it is for Arizona to have passenger rail and what you think it should look like—just a few quick sentences is fine if you’re strapped for time.

2 thoughts on “Advocate for Passenger Rail

  1. The drive between Phoenix and Tucson doesn’t have to take five hours. Traffic congestion is a type of shortage (too many cars, too little space on the road), and if you’ll remember from Economics 101, a shortage occurs “when the price of an item is set below the going rate determined by supply and demand”.

    So the most simple and cheap solution is to stop the government from setting an artificially low price of travel. That will permanently eliminate traffic congestion, at the lowest cost to taxpayers, and here’s proof: according to the United States Congressional Budget Office, the SR-91 express toll lanes in Orange County, California “generate net social benefits of at least $12 million per year, compared with a scenario in which the lanes had been built but drivers did not pay to use them.”

    When that’s in place, the benefits of rail will be easier to compare against freeways.

  2. After listening to a program on NPR, I am convinced that Arizona would greatly benefit from a passenger rail from Phoenix to Tucson. I have not lived in AZ for long, but have heard of many tragic accidents that occur on I-10. I think that this system could save many people time, money, and possibly lives.

    The time is now.

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