Weekly Roundup – November 15-21

This week at Gangplank:

Tuesday, Novermber 15th

  • (1:00-4:00pm) Mentor Office Hours with Phillip Blackerby and Francine Hardaway. [RSVP]
  • (6:30-9:00pm) Rock the Block volunteer orientation
  • (7:00-10:00pm) NaNoWriMo Write-Outs

Wednesday, November 16th

  • (9:00am-12:00pm) Mentor Office Hours with Dave Cooke and Mark Wright. [RSVP]
  • (noon) Brownbag: ‘Mellow Moves to Make You Look Cool’ with Katie Charland and Shaina Rozen
  • (4:00-7:00pm) Mentor Office Hours with James Archer. [RSVP]
  • (6:00pm) Hacknight
  • (6:00-7:30pm) NaNoWriMo for Kids check-in
  • (7:00-9:00pm) Storytellers AZ
  • (7:00pm) Street Hockey
  • (8:00-10:00pm) Software Engineering Reading Group

Thursday, November 17th

  • (1:00-4:00pm) Mentor Office Hours with Tom O’Brien. [RSVP]
  • (6:00-9:00) SEVDNUG November meeting
  • (7:00-10:00pm) NaNoWriMo Write-Out

Friday, November 18th

  • (5:00-9:00pm) Chandler Art Walk

Saturday, November 19th

  • (7:00-10:00pm) NaNoWriMo Write-Out

Sunday, November 21st

  • (12:00-3:00pm) PLUG Linux Security Group
  • (1:00-3:00pm) Gangplank Jr. Lego League

Monday, November 21st

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