Five Communities Project Winner!

Contributed by Wendy Coneybeer

In late September, we were notified that Gangplank was part of a group of 10 finalists selected from 31 non-profit organizations which had applied for the inaugural “Five Communities” project sponsored by the Center for the Future of Arizona. Following a four-week long “Why Gangplank?” campaign spearheaded by Operations Director Katie Charland, which culminated in the creation of the microsite, we are pleased to announce that our community has been selected as one of the five winners of the “Five Communities” competition.

As one of the winning nonprofit organizations, Gangplank will apply jointly with the Center for the Future of Arizona and the other four winners for $1.5 million in funding ($100,000/year over a three-year period or $300,000 per project) to implement our “Big Idea” proposed to help strengthen Arizona at a local level. This idea includes focusing on the people in our community to provide connections, educational opportunities, and the mentorship that they will need to become effective participants in the new economy.

The other organizations joining Gangplank in the “Five Communities” award are:

  • The Arizona Wine Growers Association
  • Desert Botanical Garden and the Conservation Alliance
  • YWCA Tucson
  • International Sonoran Desert Alliance

The Center for the Future of Arizona is an independent nonprofit organization with a mission “to help Arizonans shape and define the future through an action-oriented agenda focused on contemporary issues and topics critical to the state.” For more information on the Center, the “Five Communities” project, and the winners, check out

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