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You’ve heard talk for the past few months about our new locations opening in Tucson and Avondale. As these locations come online, the identity of the original Gangplank is changing. HQ is no longer confined to the activities and stories of Chandler, but the experiences of Gangplankers across the state and soon, the nation. Gangplank’s home in Chandler is becoming the base of operations for an entire network of Gangplanks.

As a result of this expansion, you’ll notice our website and social networks start to change over the next few months. will no longer be exclusive to Chandler activities, but will instead share the Gangplank vision, mission and information on how to get involved at your neighborhood Gangplank. Gangplank Chandler will begin to be identified by its own respective site, Twitter and Facebook pages – separate from Gangplank HQ – so as to best communicate local events that are of interest to our Chandler Gangplankers.

Gangplank Chandler will always be the original Gangplank and at the heart of the movement. Gangplank HQ will continue to look to this community for feedback, guidance and leadership as we build the model to create systemic change in cities around the world.

We welcome you to continue to follow @Gangplank, Gangplank Facebook and subscribe to to see posts related to the Gangplank network.

For Chandler specific information, please add @GPChandler and Gangplank Chandler Facebook. The Chandler website will be up in the next few months.

6 thoughts on “Gangplank Chandler

  1. Are we able to book a show throught you guys? A charity event for kinds with cancer basically. It would go to phoenix children hospital. Ill post more details after reply!
    Thank you

  2. Hi My name is Matt Schafman and I started a Meet Up call UX in Arizona and I was looking for a venue for March 15th to hold the meet up. I was wondering if you could provide me the information on how to reserve some space?

    Matthew Schafman

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