Digging Into the Freelancer-Client Details

Guest post by Jake Poinier

We’ve all had the thrill of freelancer-client relationships that succeeded…and the agony that ensues when things don’t click. The 4th annual Freelance Forecast survey (which you can take here), digs into the details of the good, bad and ugly. One version of the survey is for freelancers, the other is for clients–and you’re welcome to take both if you subcontract to other freelancers, or are a client who moonlights on the side.

Some of the Freelance Forecast results have remained quite consistent from year to year: For example, word of mouth and referrals are the key to new business relationships, both for freelancers and clients. Freelancers’ major challenges come from uncertainty, low- or slow-paying clients, and unrealistic expectations…while client-siders don’t always get the quality of work, reliability, or communications that are essential to getting the job done. Alas, no surprises there!

Ultimately, the positive message is this: The vast majority of the issues that arise really are under the control of freelancers or clients, in their behaviors and business practices. Not every freelancer-client relationship is going to work. But by taking into consideration the needs and motivations of the opposite party, you can gain insights on increasing your odds. Freelance Forecast is designed to help you do that.
This year’s survey closes Feb. 15–thanks in advance to all the Gangplank creatives and clients who take a moment to participate in this year’s survey. And keep an eye out for the results in the coming weeks!

–Jake Poinier is the owner of a Phoenix-based copywriting and editorial services firm, Boomvang Creative Group, blogs regularly about freelance topics at DearDrFreelance.com, and wishes his schedule would enable him to play in the Gangplank hockey league more often.

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