Gangplank Avondale Opens!

On Monday, March 5th, 2012 Gangplank Avondale opened it’s doors to innovators, techs, creatives, entrepreneurs, and the general public. The space is typically open from around 8:30am to 5:30pm. Gangplank Avondale provides an infrastructure (that is both social and physical) for creative collaboration, disruption, and the building of vibrant businesses, communities, and economies.

The space is now open for drop-in collaborative working, although March 20th from 4pm- 8pm will mark the Grand Opening event with remarks from the Mayor of Avondale, a founder of Gangplank, and the Gangplank Avondale Directors of Operations. Catering will be provided by West Valley restaurant, Caballero Grill. Take a tour of the space and get to know what Gangplank Avondale is all about!

Our model is based on human-powered collaborative working and the trading of social capital. We work in an open space that has very few physical barriers so that we can easily communicate, share, converse, and spread our thoughts and ideas with one another.

Join us on Fridays at noon for our brownbag presentations to hear leaders from the community fill us in on changes in their industry, best practices, new business models, changing laws, and insights into the successes and challenges of their careers. Open your mind and your mouth and let’s get conversations started!

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