LEGO Madness Week

On April 1st, the largest American flag made out of LEGO bricks will arrive at Gangplank where Building Bonanza will be reconstructing it.  In honor of this, Gangplank will be holding a variety of LEGO based activities to promote creativity.

Join us April 4th at 7pm for the first part of a two part adult stop motion class or express your creativity through free play with LEGOS for adults.  Saturday April 7th from 9am- noon we will have LEGO activities for ages 6+. This will include car racing, tower and bridge building.  April 11th at 7pm we will have the second part of our 2 part adult stop motion class as well as a LEGO building challenge for adults.

Our final event, April 14th from 9am- noon, will include LEGO activities for ages 9+.  Join us for a children’s stop motion class, scaling (building LEGO creations to scale), and a First LEGO League robot demonstration.

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