Pardon Our Dust

Gangplank’s growth over the past year has created a fantastic network of talent, mentors and Gangplank culture, allowing Gangplank to continue to innovate.

With this growth, we’ve been making changes in order to better serve the local Gangplank communities, as well as give you the opportunity to learn about HQ’s larger vision.

As part of this mission, we have been separating Gangplank HQ updates and notifications from local Gangplank information. The latest improvement has been to our websites. will no longer be posting events and news local to Chandler, Arizona. Instead, this website will be a portal for those looking to connect learn more about the Gangplank Vision, or become more involved with the movement.

Local Gangplank information will be posted to location-specific websites, listed below:

@GPAvondale |

@GPTucson |

@GPChandler |

@GPHenricoCTY |

@GPSault |

Please be sure to update your networks to reflect these changes. Additionally, be sure to sign up for neighborhood Gangplank updates, as the GPHQ newsletter won’t advertise local events.

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