Gangplank 2012 Survey Results

We are very fortunate to have a great deal of talent within the Gangplank community who are so willing to contribute their talents to help us grow.

When Susan Baier of Audience Audit suggested Gangplank consider doing a segmentation survey, I leaped at the chance. While our monthly Open Forums garner some good discussion, it was often from a small group and not measurable. So we turned to our community expert and gave her our blessing.

Susan shared the results at our June 20th brownbag, as well as the ‘Walk the Plank’ Unconference a few days later. Her explanation of the data has provided amazing insight into our community segments – the Manifesto Lovers, Facility Fans and Business Builders. We’ve learned demographics can never really be divided out by gender or age, but instead by interest and needs.

The survey results have given us here at HQ a lot to think about. We plan to use the data to make positive changes at all of our locations and in planning for the future.

We encourage you to think about where you lie in the mix and how that impacts your involvement in the Gangplank community. If you took the survey and volunteered for future research, Susan can let you know which segment you fall into. Please share with us your thoughts and comments as we continue to apply this knowledge.

And be sure to hire Susan for your next marketing deep dive…she’s awesome ;-)

2 thoughts on “Gangplank 2012 Survey Results

  1. Gangplank has an expensive LASER cutter, BUT it has two fatal problems:
    1. It does not work, due to “cracked optics” (at least last time I checked)
    2. It has no safety venting to outside of building (to vent toxic gases).

    It is a valuable resource (that we desperately need for 3 different projects).
    Yet it is just sitting there, unusable.

    Fixing a resource that is already in-house should be a priority.

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