A Journey’s End

Guest post by Katie Hurst

The past two years have been an incredible period of growth for both Gangplank as an organization, and myself. When Derek asked if I was interested in coming on board in the summer of 2010, I never expected the job to change my life. Gangplank has challenged me in ways I never imagined and for that I am very grateful.

But everything good thing must eventually come to an end.

Next month, my husband and I will be moving to Portland and I will be leaving my full-time role with Gangplank. I say full-time role because I will never leave Gangplank entirely, just as it will never leave me. Gangplank is a philosophy – a set of values I’ve so fully embraced it would be impossible for me not to carry them into the next step of my journey. I plan to continue volunteering from a far, proving Gangplankers can be a part of the community no matter where they go. Who knows? Sometime in the near future you may be able to visit me at Gangplank Portland!

The best part of my “retirement”? I get to pass along this amazing leadership opportunity ┬áto Assistant Director and former Gangplank Event/Marketing intern Trish Gillam. Trish has been my right hand for awhile now and has a passion for community development that will greatly benefit Gangplank. She is the perfect individual to be leading our organization into the next phase of growth.

I will greatly miss all my Gangplank friends and our partners across Arizona. Yet, I know I’m leaving Gangplank in great hands – those of our local Directors, Initiative leaders, program volunteers, Anchors and drop-ins. You will all help make Gangplank great and spread our manifesto throughout the world. It’s truly been an honor.

Check out my brownbag talk on the lessons I’ve learned through my time at Gangplank and how they can help you.

16 thoughts on “A Journey’s End

  1. I’m sad to see you go, but excited for all that’s in store for you in the next phase of your life. I gave Gangplank a shout out in my new book! Hope to see you before you set sail…

  2. I feel like I just got kicked in the stomach. I’m going to miss you! Thank you for all you’ve done. You will make an impact wherever you are.

  3. love ya Katie, thank you for your friendship and support. Your one very awesome lady! And Portland will never be the same with you and Tyler living there! (In a good way) :)

  4. Katie,

    Best of luck to you and Tyler and your ‘new’ life in Portland. You sure left your legacy here and are a real credit to Gangplank, the City of Chandler, Startup Weekend, and everything you touched.


  5. You will be missed! You have made an impression on people and changed a lot of lives! You will do great things where ever life takes you!

  6. We will really miss you Katie, but are SO thankful for the time you spent in our community!

    Wishing you and Tyler lots of joy and adventure as you move to Portland.



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