New Website Coming (Real) Soon

For years we have struggled with creating a site that helps people all over the world engage with Gangplank. Having multiple locations, each with a different set of initiatives, numerous events, and so many things happening in the Gangplank movement can be intimidating.

Instead of waiting to be perfect, we are going to Be Dangerous. This month you will see some major changes to our site. We will be launching a new, extremely simple, theme. We can figure out what is and is not working, and quickly iterate to improve the site for everyone.

Visit our github project to get involved and make the Gangplank experience better for everyone. Any and all skillsets are welcome.

14 thoughts on “New Website Coming (Real) Soon

  1. does anyone here have any knowledge of 3D printers. we are seeking anyone with 3D printers and have projects that we would like developed on 3D.

    thank you

  2. we are seeking a 3D printer that offeres a larger formatt than is available with the “desk top” models , for parts sizes like : 18 inches (diamiter ? ) x 36 inches diamiter ? ) . thank you

  3. Is it going to be one site or multiple sites?
    Like so:

  4. You’re doing great things. I’m really looking forward to reading and learniing more about your Arizona-based operations.

    DebbieO – Arizonas Film & Production Resources and Referral …
    (celebrating 16 years of faithful Arizona community service)

  5. …extending on that, feel free to reach out to me via any medium you desire if you would like to bounce ideas off me. I would like to consider myself a Bootstrap aficionado, and would be willing to drop in for a day and help polish edges on the new site.

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