Chandler Community Meeting Notes

As part of our growing efforts to share our activities publicly, here are meeting notes from our weekly community meeting. (Transcribed by Chris L)

Community Meeting Notes

4PM Start 9/18/2013

Wireless Network Status

Jill R and David M have stabilized the system to a large degree but there are still some issues, including problems today with DNS. Everything going through a single controller, if it gets overloaded we’re running into problems. In the meanwhile, set custom DNS on your local machines’ network settings to Google or Open DNS servers.
The technology in our system is 4-5 years old (from 2009), so we are looking into different systems now. System they spec’ed out is $900/Access Point, with controller-less A/Ps, which also does load balancing. This will automatically start pushing people to A/Ps in back.
Looking at returning one we have. Spent $4K? on that. David M. seeing about returning.

Drinking Water

Tim spoke to the plumber. Doesn’t think that the bottleless coolers they’re looking at are going to make the water take any better. They’re looking at the filter stuff, just disposable filters. Not reverse osmosis (RO) any longer.
RO has a lot of water waste so we would have to have a drain.
Shaun can do if we are not going RO and just doing water source. RO and tapping into the drains requires a plumber.
Tim will have Shaun go with him to the hardware store. Will look at Costco. We are going through 35 gallons a week. Need to be sure the unit can handle that.
Also brought up that water will be back in the hallway past the bathrooms. We will need signage to direct people back there.

Painting the back rooms

Derek N & Jade M have offered to pay for paint in the back rooms. We are really interested in whiteboard special paint, stuff at Lowe’s/Home Depot is not good. We will look into other options. It was mentioned that CEI has the wall to wall whiteboards ad they work well so it may be worth contacting them to see their solution.
Don & Kathy have volunteered to paint all the back rooms. Ron paints professionally. He has asked to paint them himself & not have help for safety reasons… so no Pimp My Gangplank 2. During painting, please keep the people out of the way. He’s very happy to volunteer to do the painting, but we will need volunteers to move stuff out of the way. We will block out rooms on the calendars.
As far as colors, Jeremy S wants to do the color wheel – different color in each room. Will have him call a meeting for anybody who wants to have input as before. Will look to keep the whiteboard wall in each room if we can make it work white.

Blog Post Series for Website – Where are they Now?

Greg T contacted Chase G of Authority Labs and James A of Forty. He expects to have feedback from them soon and a first blog post ready. Trish G suggested to do comparison blog post on Hiring Solved, contrasting their current team with the old photo of just Trevor & Shon.

Upcoming Gangplank Jr. Event

Will be here in the main space on 10/26 from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm and helping kids take apart dead or unwanted electronics. Jeremie L asked that people bring as many dead or unwanted components they have to donate. Anything you have. computers, laptops, toasters, radios, etc… we need it. We will also need adults to help out and ensure safety. Parents will need to be be there too. Suggestion to see if anything David might want of the parts for Labs purposes. Leftovers will be taken to city electronics recycling.

TechShop Coming Soon

A new maker space called Tech Shop will be located on the other side of the parking garage, 1 building over. It now has signs on it. Kind of like HeatSync or like our Labs initiative but bigger than our entire space.
They will be here tomorrow through the 28th using one of our conference rooms to do interviews. Will be in the red room.

Gangplank Studios Updates

Monday Creative Nights had a couple of rooms going for first week. Good start. Will also be some stand up comedy activities. We have a tour of CRX Soundworks recording studio tonight shortly after meeting. Jeremie doing brown bag soon called Drawing is Easy.

GP Website

Its looking a little better! We are actively developing it with Susan B’s audience segments in mind: Manifesto Lovers (everybody cares about improving the community), Business Builders (those focused on improving/growing business), Facilities Fans (folks who appreciate GP for a place to work or hold events or equipment). Trish G is working with Susan B to try to ensure it works for the Business Builders segment. Happy for feedback to make site more applicable and open to Business Builders.

Discussion: Initiative of the Week Business

Initiative Leader: Doesn’t really have leader. Nancy organizing mentors. Said she’d take on initiative. Realized was a bit too much. Happy to still org mentors. We really do need a business initiative leader.
Startup Weekend on 11/15 – 11/17: Being organized by Ben H, Shon B, Trevor O. They are meeting right after this to go over everything. Our budget should be good, like we did last year. We have a sponsor… Pagely. In total, we need about $5K, and $4K will come from tickets. No regular meetings schedule yet. Will publish when there is.Suggestion to hit up Intel for sponsorship. Hitting us up for conference rooms. Talk to Jade. He’s working out of Intel.
Roadmap to Launch: Currently, none are planned. We are open for someone to organize future ones!
Extreme Pitch: Also, none planned. Open for someone to organize.
Bookkeeping and Beers: This is a great program for people to get together and work on non-urgent items. It doesn’t have to be bookkeeping. Anything people tend to put off. Your own marketing, blogging, any boring stuff. Asked if Quickbooks experts hanging out? Not necessarily. Talk about business things.
Connecting with the rest of the startup ecosystem: Could use help with this. Trish G goes to alot of community events, and C Conrey used to. Isha also goes to a lot. We could use more people to go to those things.
DCCP Lunch Club: Getting ready to do lunch club. Couple names under consideration. In the loop with DC. Will be 1st Tuesday of the month. Rotation of different businesses in Chandler. Support local businesses on day that’s quiet. Also day of get to know people. Inviting city folks.
Chamber Relationship: Jill R is trying to build relationship with chamber to figure how chamber members can get more involved with Gangplank. Terry & Paige over there.

Tomorrow is talk like a Pirate day!

END 4:45PM

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