Chandler Community Meeting Notes

As part of our growing efforts to share our activities publicly, here are meeting notes from our weekly community meeting.

Community Meeting

START 4:00PM 9/11/2013

Air Conditioner

Jeremy S shared that service was performed on our system last Thursday. It was found in good order, and not the source of the smell. Someone adjusted the temperatures of the systems (why it was so hot). The system was indeed recirculating the “dead fish” air, but not the source. Like we said last week, please don’t adjust the system. It is programmed to work optimally for us.

Dead Fish Smell

Source of smell was determined to be a collapsed bee colony on the roof & facade & our north walls. Beekeepers killed the remainder of the hive on Friday and went in for removal over the weekend. Smell is better!

Drinking Water Solution

Jeremy wishes to thank to Timmus and Derek for the help in rethinking the solution. Original solution fell through due to donation promised wasn’t in working order like was originally thought. A plumber is coming on Friday to quote the installation of a waterless R/O cooler. R/O cooler will be funded with current donations with funding gap covered by Integrum (thank you!). If you are willing to give further funding to help cover gap, donate to via PayPal.


WiFi has a fresh set of eyes (Jill R & David M & Geoff S) to get a better solution for the failing system (due to DNS caching issue). The firmware upgrade from 6 weeks wasn’t sufficient to fix issue. The new team is speccing a trade in for a different system, more to come. Current fix for DNS issues is still: set custom DNS (google or open DNS). Ask Jill or Trevor for help.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem presentation @ ASU

Gangplank presentation to MBA and ASU WP Carey Alumni as part of a wider review of Arizona Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. Saturday 2:30 – 5:00 PM on Saturday 9/21. Jeremy S (Chandler Location) and Vincent N (Avondale Location) to speak. Ignite-style presentation with lots of photos, so help us make it awesome. Email some cool graphics/photos/etc. Can come participate in networking as well. Dress code: shorts and GP/black shirt. :)

Blog Post Series for Website – Where are they Now

Greg T to lead new blog series “Where Are They Now” as discussed on Facebook Group. Will interview old Gangplankers and tell stories of Gangplank success stories. Is accepting input.

Feedback Mechanism

Should we make a UserVoice… like the “Things I Want” email discussion. David M & Chuck R to build, share.

Building Hours

Saturday 9/21/2013 needs keyholder to open, Matt S is gone in SF. There will be two events that day. Public hours are 9AM to 4PM also. David M & Tim A will cover.

Discussion: Initiative of the Week Studios

Timmus A wants to thank to everyone who went to the idea/brainstorming/planning meeting this week on Monday. Big announcement: Monday’s to become Creativity Open House night. 6PM – 9PM ala Hacknight The naming/branding of the night TBD… we will use the UserVoice that will be started to determine it. Activities should be creativity focused. Catch-all for creativity events that ask to schedule. Encourage organic growth, but would like to see jam nights, open mic nights, writing groups, etc. Provision Coffee to offer free coffee on Mondays. Promotion: Ryan G says he will literally street team it at local art nights, etc. Starting next month on Monday’s: Learning to Draw Free Classes led by Eileen Kane with help from local artists. Weekly on Mondays starting in October. Help promote!

Future Topics

Note: Next week Initiative of the Week is Business, Week After 9/25 is Labs

END: 4:35PM

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