Chandler Community Meeting Notes: October 16, 2013

As part of our growing efforts to share our activities publicly, here are meeting notes from our weekly community meeting in Chandler.  (Transcribed by Jeremy S.)

START: 4:04PM OCT 16, 2013
FOCUS TOPIC: Downtown Chandler Rock the Block

Rock the Block

The large DCCP-sponsored event Chandler Rock the Block is upcoming on November 9th, 2013, 10 AM to 4 PM. It is a 15,000 person event that is held literally outside our doors up and down Chandler Blvd.

Last year, Gangplank had an open-house for the second year of the event. Kameron W. had a photo booth, Ed A. provided demonstrations of the 3d printing, and many Gangplank tours.

Lets brainstorm what we can do this year and put it together.


  • Stickers for Free –Greg T./Chuck R.
  • Handouts/Brochure/Bulletin –ALL
  • One table/event sponsored by each Initiative time
  • Blinky bugs/throw men/etc gadgets –Academy/Local Derek N./Trish G.
  • 3d printing demonstration –Labs David M.
  • Photo booth (Studios) –Kameron W.+ Lilimedia
  • LEGO table (Junior)–Jeremy S./Jeremie L.+
  • Facilities to host refreshments, incl maybe Chips and Salsa? –Jeremy S.
  • Business Init –promote Startup Weekend! –Shon B+
  • Jeremy S. will make a directory of what’s going on that day, let me know.
  • Move DCCP HQ to Magic if available!

Weekly Newsletter

Feedback has been given that suggests that the Gangplank Chandler Newsletter should be published on another date. Jonathan K. of VUURR/Levers (live from SF, CA!) shared some feedback that metrics suggest that Friday PM is a poor time to send out. Brian L. is frustrated as it is difficult to get content for a newsletter timely. Discussion on both. New deadline for content submission is Wednesday after Community Meeting. Send time will move to Thursday at 10 AM, with opportunity for change based on metrics.

Lounge Happy Hour

Jeremy introduced happy hour on Mondays days before he got assigned weekly field work every Monday. He asks more people to get behind it. Derek suggests that we “sponsor”, not necessarily financially, a night by inviting people and friends to their day.

Excuse our Dust

Painting in back rooms is underway. Don will be helping us, let him do his thing! Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to help us move furniture when needed. Also, be flexible with room schedule, etc. We will be done by Nov 1.

260 Construction

260 Construction may begin Monday! We need to finish clear out of 260… like the couches! Please keep your eyes and ears open to help with 260-related stuff too!

Next Week Topic: SciTech Festival

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