Dan Chouinard: Growing a Green Building Company

For the August 13th, 2014 Brownbag, Gangplank Chandler welcomed Dan Chouinard to talk about Building a Green Company. Dan brought more props than I’ve ever seen for a Brownbag. Check it out.

See you all next week, when Gangplank’s resident illustrator, Jeremie Lederman teaches us how ‘drawing’ is easy! 12pm, Wednesday, August 20th, at GP Chandler! He even has a promo video for it!

Your brain is a boundless machine, endowed with a capacity to enrich you for a lifetime. Among those endowments is creativity and expression. While many may debate that creativity is a gift, I say that it’s only human. One of the best ways to bring it out is throughout the activity of drawing. We were made to draw, it’s a natural behavior. Let me show you how drawing is neither talent based or even art.”

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